About The Locksmith Agency

We Have a Long History in the Locksmith Industry

The Locksmith Agency was created with professional locksmiths in mind. Our ties to the industry run deep, and because of that, we’re very familiar with the issues facing the locksmith industry, such as licensing and fraudulent locksmith advertising.

Our goal is to elevate the online presence of all professional locksmiths. We carefully choose our clientele, and all must be verified by both 1800-Unlocks and Fair Trade Locksmiths.

Why Do We Only Work With Verified Locksmiths?

Because we have deep ties to the Locksmith industry, we make sure all of our clientele is carefully vetted and legitimate. Our verification process is stringent in order to make sure all our customers are real, local, professional locksmiths.

In the last decade a large number of scammer locksmiths have emerged and we want to make sure we don’t work with them. We want to make sure that YOU, the legitimate locksmith receives the benefit of our expertise.

We are dedicated to providing the most powerful digital marketing strategies and want to make sure that the companies we’re working with are real, honest and reputable. All of our preferred, verified locksmiths also benefit from being listed in our two powerful nationwide locksmith directories 1-800-Unlocks.com and Fair Trade Locksmith Directory.

Our Website, SEO & Digital Marketing Services

Locksmith Web Design & Hosting

Our talented web designers build custom, mobile-friendly WordPress websites designed to attract more customers and grow your business. We build all of our sites with conversion and usability in mind.

Locksmith Local SEO

These days more than ever, your locksmith business depends on the web to find new local customers. With our customized Search Engine Optimization strategies you'll rank high in your local search results.

Locksmith Google Maps Optimization

Customers want to search and call without any hassle. Learn how to improve your conversion rate and online visibility with our customized Google Maps optimization service.

Locksmith Social Media

Directly engage your customers and grow your following by utilizing our social media setup and management strategies. Become a reputable brand that people talk about locally.

Locksmith PPC (Pay Per Click)

One of our specialists will create and manage your Google AdWords campaign or optimize and manage your existing campaign to reach its full potential and bring in even more traffic to your website.

The future success of your locksmith business starts here.