The Locksmith Agency has officially launched! The Locksmith Agency is a digital marketing company that is dedicated to helping locksmiths by leveraging our large online presence of trusted local locksmith websites and nationwide locksmith directories. This company is years in the making. Now, the real locksmith community in the United States has a trustworthy marketing partner that can provide effective digital marketing strategies.


Sam Wilson (left), Barry Wilson (center), Max Wilson (right).

Local Marketing & SEO For Locksmiths

“Digital marketing can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be,” says Sam Wilson, owner of The Locksmith Agency. Sam is a Licensed Locksmith in Virginia. You can look him up here at the DCJS website. Sam started in the digital world roughly 10 years ago when he started to work on the online presence for his father’s locksmith company, American Lock & Key. Back then, ‘the goal was to just build out the website so customers knew all the different services we offered’ says Barry. American Lock & Key is a ‘full-service locksmith company and we rarely say ‘no’ to customers, says Barry Wilson. ‘Our company will do everything from simple key duplication and lock rekeying to building custom style and rail doors and installing access control systems. Since then, Sam has optimized and redesigned the website many times, boosted the company’s social media presence, and cleaned up our listings and citations around the web. This hard work has led to increased site traffic, more phone calls, and year over year growth for the business.

Content Marketing Is Good For Locksmith Businesses

Early on, Sam found out that content marketing was good for locksmith businesses. The old adage is, ‘content is king’. That still rings true, even in 2018. Building websites for locksmiths must be done using high-quality content that has been well written and is based on keyword research. Copying and pasting content from one site to another can lead to penalties by Google. At The locksmith Agency, we build websites that are unique, customized, and built to last. There are no shortcuts, no black hat SEO techniques, and no stock photography.

Building Locksmith Websites

Sam believes that websites should represent your business as holistically and professionally as possible. This means that we want to have a robust website that explains all of your services, all of your service areas, and have photographs of your truck, shop, inventory, completed jobs, for starters.

Mobile-friendly website are a must for 2018 and beyond. A website that is not mobile-friendly will start to lose traffic and revenue. You should check if your site is mobile friendly with this handy tool from Google, and if it is not, please make an immediate change.

Organized & United Locksmiths

Locksmiths must be researched and validated before being considered as a viable partner. In fact, many of the locksmiths we work with have actually been called by Sam personally in order to do a job. The Locksmith Agency also does business as 1-800-Unlocks, Inc. 1-800-Unlocks must make sure that the locksmith is licensed and insured before doing any work and then checks to make sure the job was completed successfully and that the customer is happy. With this first-hand experience along with association memberships, peer reviews, and customer reviews, we can determine who we want to promote in any given US City. Our close-knit community of locksmith websites is ever-expanding and gaining recognition from Google as trusted websites. Website domains have a domain trust value that fluctuates over time. The goal for any digital marketing company is to improve that trust value and your search engine ranking. At The Locksmith Agency, we have found that most locksmith websites have very low trust value along with minimal content, so we flip the script and use our network of high-value websites and high-quality content writers to boost your domain trust value, webpage quality, and thus search engine rankings.

Together we are strong, united we are making a difference.