A lot of Locksmiths contacted us recently with some version of the same question. “How do I use Square to get more Google My Business reviews?” Many of these locksmiths wanted to import reviews directly from Square to GMB, or from Square to their website, but as of now, there is no way to do that.

So we sat down to take a look at what would be the best way to manipulate our Square account into driving reviews to our Google Maps/Google My Business listing.

Watch this video to see how Locksmith Agency/1-800-Unlocks Owner Sam Wilson was able to drive reviews from Square to his GMB Listing.

Why Care About Reviews?

For many of you locksmiths out there, you might be asking yourself the question right now of, “Why do I care?’ You get reviews on Yelp or maybe your Facebook page. So why is that not enough?

The really short answer is because Google cares. Google wants you to utilize its platform. The more you are interacting with it, the more they cater to you and your lock shop.

What Does GMB Do?

locksmith local search results Chances are since you are reading this on the Internet; you might have done a Google Search a time or two. Now if someone is searching for you by your exact business name, they most likely are already aware of you. Quite possibly, they could be a returning customer. However, let’s say the person searching has no idea who you are. All they know is they need a service that you provide.

Chances are they are searching for something in the realm of:

  • Car Lock-Out
  • Spare House Key
  • Change Locks

You can try typing in one of those in Google on your computer, tablet, phone, smartwatch, or smart glasses. If you don’t remember searching for these terms lately, try it out. We’ll wait. Ok, now that you’re back, so you may notice that a few businesses appear with a map of the area. Those businesses and their details are coming from their Google My Business listing.

There are occasions where just by having a GMB listing that your business can get pulled into that list. The ability to appear to be found, sorted, and listed in those types of results is impactful to those businesses because they come from organic search queries.

Boost Your Website

Chances are you may be paying someone to help you out with your website and Search Engine Optimization (Is it us? Because it should be). However, are you aware that having a complete Google My Business listing can aid your Website and SEO? Just by having your GMB, you have enabled your lock shop listing to appear in local search results.

The bottom line – the very website you are investing so heavily in could be furthered helped in rankings just by making sure that you have completed your Google My Business listing.

Drive Customers To Your Services

locksmith gmb Your Google My Business listing gives customers their first look at you and your business. You can utilize the listing to publish the basics about your lock shop and all you offer. You can make sure customers are aware of the hours you keep and the payments you accept. These little details help attract customers to your business and get plugged into Google’s Local Search Index.

Display Your Reviews:

Google also likes to see you receiving high-quality reviews. You can increase your visibility by having customers leave you 5-Star detailed reviews. The reviews left will come up in your GMB listing and increase the likelihood that customers searching for a locksmith or locksmith services will want to give you a call.

A Quick Look At Facts & Figures

  • Hyperlocal Searches Can Heavily Impact Your Business (Source).
  • 50% of People who search for a nearby service will utilize that business or a related business that day (Source).
  • By the end of 2021 – mobile devices will influence over a billion dollars worth of local sales (Source).
  • There have been over 990% growth over the past 2 years in Google searches for “near me tonight/today” (Source).
  • Approximately 56% of consumers now shop both online & offline equally for goods and services (Source)

Let’s face it; the importance of showing up on Google search results has never been at more of a premium. Putting in the right amount of time and effort though can be taxing for both small and large lock shops alike.

Whether you are just starting out on increasing your online visibility or just need help to maintain and growing it, The Locksmith Agency specializes in digital services tailored specifically for the Locksmith industry.

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